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Australia’s No.1  Pre Divorce Checklist

To help with the process, Divorce Directory Australia has compiled an extensive ESSENTIAL Pre Divorce Checklist which includes legal matters, financial matters, property matters and emotional matters.

The Checklist is a downloadable step by step preparation guide before seeking professional advice.

Purchasing the Divorce Directory Australia Checklist will ensure you a better than even chance, against all odds, to obtain the best results!
You owe it to yourself, and your family, to ensure that you are completely aware of everything, that could happen during your divorce proceedings.
For most people entering this stage in their lives it is incredibly traumatic. The worst part is, not knowing what is happening and being kept in the dark by the person you are divorcing.
Due to confusion of the procedures involved it can often lead to professionals, who are acting on your behalf, being unable to represent you properly as they could be unaware of all the information.
The Checklist will ensure that you have all the documentation together. This gives you control when liaising with professionals. After all, they need to understand your situation fully!
Without this checklist, you may pay up to $500 per hour to a professional, just to understand much of the information included in the checklist.

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You may know someone who is considering, or in the middle of, a divorce or separation. Please recommend the Divorce Directory Checklist – an extensive checklist download, to help and guide them through the issues. The purchase of the checklist could save them $$$$.
In the interview, Peter Graham (creator of the Checklist) talks extensively about the value of the Checklist and how it will make you aware of issues you hadn’t even considered. These issues may have a big impact on your final settlement.

This essential CHECKLIST for immediate download: $99.00